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The LMS that empowers fitness and wellness companies to deliver beautiful
branded online courses, certifications, workshops and subscriptions.

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Driving growth for the world’s best fitness and wellness brands


Create a movement

Bring people together through inspiration and education with your branded online courses.

Create beautiful online courses

With Inspire360’s all-in-one platform, users can easily build online courses and certifications with drag and drop functionality, track and manage users, create custom certificates, and so much more.

Tap into our expertise

Looking for a little extra insight? We’ve got you covered. We offer best-in-class industry guidance (including CEC approvals!) to help you at every step along the way.

We go beyond the typical customer service touch-points and offer advice on strategies and tactics that work.

Made For Fitness & Wellness Companies

We work with the world’s best


Reach new audiences

Our 35 years in the fitness & wellness industry has allowed us to create a platform designed for this rapidly growing space. We offer specialized tools and unprecedented distribution channels into like-minded fitness & wellness companies and health clubs.

Inspire360 gets the word out about your content

Share your content into over 8,000 health clubs via Inspire360’s health club distribution partners

Distribute your content onto other Inspire360 platforms in the fitness & wellness industry

Make an even bigger impact and profit by adding courses from other leading education experts onto your platform